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Living with psoriasis can be challenging. That’s why we’ve developed a series of videos and discussion guides called ‘Tips for Living with Psoriasis’. We hope that when you watch them, they’ll make your life a little easier. We worked in close collaboration with patients, dermatologists and GPs to develop the tips. We were able to identify the most common challenges psoriasis patients face, and then work out some methods and tips to best deal with these challenges. We made a series of videos to explain the tips for living with psoriasis. It is our aim that these tips will help you live more comfortably as you move along your journey to be clear of psoriasis.


Will the videos help you? No matter if your psoriasis is mild, moderate or severe, our tips for living with psoriasis offer valuable information that can make your life easier. Alongside the tips, we developed a series of discussion guides that you can use while watching the videos. These discussion guides allow you to take notes while you’re watching the tips for living with psoriasis. Your notes can be extremely valuable in supporting your future conversations with your Doctors (GP or Dermatologist).




The videos, Tips for living with Psoriasis, are broken down into the following categories:
Psoriasis Treatments
There are a range of treatments that are available for psoriasis. These include controlled exposure to UV light, the use of biologics and how best to use creams and moisturisers.
Discussing Your Psoriasis With Your Doctor
There are a number of topics that you could discuss with your GP and Dermatologist about your psoriasis. Our tips will help you understand more about what these topics are.
Lifestyle Choices That Can Improve Your Psoriasis
Your lifestyle choices can have a significant impact on your psoriasis symptoms, severity and psoriasis treatment.


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