Lifestyle Choices That Can Improve Your Psoriasis

Your lifestyle affects the severity of your psoriasis. From your diet and levels of activity to how much alcohol you consume and whether you smoke can all have a major impacts on your psoriasis. Addressing these lifestyle choices can not only calm flare-ups but also promote healing and help you reach remission. The types of lifestyle choices that can improve your psoriasis include reducing your stress levels, exercising outdoors on a regular basis, avoiding sitting for long periods, reducing your alcohol consumption, quitting smoking, losing weight and adopting a healthy diet.

Making changes to your lifestyle can be hard. However, the benefits of turning these positive changes and choices into habits can be significant.

Discussing how your lifestyle choices can improve your psoriasis with your doctor and dermatologist is highly recommended. To enable you to get a better understanding of how lifestyle choices impact your psoriasis, we have developed a series of discussion guides and videos that will make talking with your doctor and dermatologist much easier. We invite you to download the discussion guides. It is a good idea to refer to them while you watch the video tips. You may even like to take notes as you watch. Your notes will become extremely valuable when you are discussing lifestyle choices that could improve your psoriasis with your doctor.

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