Discussing Your Psoriasis With Your Doctor

Your doctor and your dermatologist will provide you with a great deal of help and support as you try to clear your psoriasis. However, there will be a number of choices you will have to make along the way. Discussing your psoriasis with your doctor and your dermatologist will help you navigate those choices and lead to you developing a treatment plan, which may include medication. It is important that you schedule regular checks so you can continue to discuss your psoriasis with your doctor and adapt your treatment plan and medication accordingly. Getting your medication right is very important, including understanding the side effects from some forms of medication and how they vary from others.

However, some treatment plans can be complex and hard to follow. That’s why we have developed a series of discussion guides and videos that will make talking with your doctor and dermatologist much easier. We invite you to download the discussion guides. It is a good idea to refer to them while you watch the video tips. You may even like to take notes as you watch. Your notes will become extremely valuable when you are discussing your psoriasis with your doctor.

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